New text, “Diagramming Horizons Between Art, Techne, and the Artifactual Elaboration of Mind” for the Glass Bead research platform, November 2017.

Philosopher Eugene Thacker’s forthcoming (August 2015) book with Univocal Cosmic Pessimism, will be presented with a contribution of recent drawings.

Recent animation works were screened on May 1st, 2015 for Sonic Disruptions as part of the Speculative Tate research series curated by Dr. James Trafford and Luke Pendrell.

Panelist for The City, a Fixing the Future event organized by Diann Bauer that took place on November 23, 2014 at the Canadian Center for Architecture as part of the Montreal Bienalle’s Future Summit with participants Marie-Pier Boucher, Keller Easterling, and Josh Johnson.

Strategies of Exit, Logics of Escape was a recent online seminar with participants Suhail Malik, Keith Tilford, and Benedict Singleton as part of Fixing the Future‘s platform in collaboration with Diann Bauer, Joshua Johnson, Suhail Malik, and Mohammad Salemy

Organized by Keith Tilford

Tuesday July 29th, 2014, 2PM EST

If a guiding question in developing Fixing the Future’s platform has been “how to act according to the 21st century?”, it has been motivated by a recognition that what inhibits such action is the mediation of our present by abstract powers embedded within capitalism that also manipulate and control futures. While a primary concern for us is the reorientation of art away from such mediations as they operate through the staged indeterminations of contemporary art, the conditions of the contemporary might themselves be figured as a site of confinement or series of traps whose generic reiteration of illusionary autonomies, false affordances, and liberal freedoms carries consequences for any domain of thought and action.

In this seminar, strategist Benedict Singleton will present alongside two of Fixing the Future’s organizers, Suhail Malik and Keith Tilford, to consider what methods, strategies, tactics, and logics might be adequate to the task of defeating the very logics that structurally determine our present and the imperative to take leave of contemporary conditions.